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Issaquah WA

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Restore balance
to your body.

Get back to the life you love.

Return to the life you love with Balance Physical Therapy.
Whether you come to us with a sports injury, women's health concerns, overuse pain, balance and vestibular problems, or any others, our experienced therapists are here for you.

Between manual therapy, extensive patient education, and home exercises, our team will help you restore balance to your body.

Serving Issaquah for Over 25 Years

Our experienced physical therapists specialize in myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations
in the spine and extremities, muscle energy techniques, strain-counterstrain, cranial sacral methods, and more.

Private One on One Care

At Balance Physical Therapy, we are proud and privileged to offer a level of service that exceeds your expectations and restores balance to your body.

Personalized Therapy Plan

Your one-on-one appointment  may include therapeutic massage, laser treatment, strengthening exercises, and learning about exercises you can do at home.

Accepting Most Insurance

We have a list of in network and out of network insurance providers that we accept here at Balance Physical Therapy. If you have questions click the button below.


Our Physical Therapy Services

How can we help you restore your balance? We offer a wide array of physical therapy services, including: 

Ballerinas Stretching

Find relief for all types of aches and pains caused by overuse, injuries, or surgery, and enjoy renewed mobility and improved function.

Running Shoes

Proper foot support and body alignment helps you avoid foot and ankle problems, and improves issues with knees, hips and low back. 


Vestibular rehabilitation can reduce feelings of dizziness, restore function and stability, and increase your overall level of safety.

Pregnant belly

For the unique issues women face such as incontinence, pre & post-natal care, and pelvic pain that can affect women at all stages of life. 

Arm Sequence

With expertise in this area, we're uniquely able to understand and treat the many issues relating to the muscle and join pain of dancers, singers, gymnasts and musicians.

Face Care

Therapeutic exercise can help you regain muscle function to reduce strain. Pain and inflammation can also be reduced through treatments like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat and ice.

Meet Your Partners in
Balance and Wellness

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Founded in 1998, by Karen and John DaSilva, Balance PT remains locally and privately owned by Kira Leek, DPT.


We would love to help you restore balance to your body. 

Privately owned,
Locally focused

With over 75 years of combined experience, we offer an exceptionally wide range of service to meet almost every physical therapy need. 

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"If I could give a couple more stars, I would. These people really care about your health. Very thorough and go above and beyond what they need to do!"

Melanie M.


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Clinic Hours

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8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.



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