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physical therapy for performing arts, dance, music, gymnastics, singing, rehearsal, performance

Performing Arts

Are you a Performing Artist who experiences any of the following?

  • Muscle and joint pain related to dance, gymnastics, singing, or playing a musical instrument

  • Pain preventing you from performing or rehearsing

Physical Therapy Can Help You.

  • Improve or resolve your current injury or musculo-skeletal problem through hands-on techniques, exercise, and specialized movement re-education

  • Analyze and develop your technique

  • Evaluate how to modify things ranging from your footwear, to costuming, to warm up, to music positioning in order to reduce overuse problems or other injuries

  • Understand the nature of your problem and how to safely modify direction from your coach, choreographer, or director.

At Balance Physical Therapy many of our therapists are current or former performing artists. We understand the pressures of returning to performance level functioning as quickly as possible. We also understand the unique demands on performing artists ranging from the physical to the emotional. We work to resolve your current injury, but we also address your technique in your art to decrease re-injury and generally improve your performance.

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