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Balance & Vestibular Therapy
In Issaquah, WA

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How can physical therapy for Balance & Vestibular help you?

  • Eliminate or decrease complaints of dizziness and vertigo

  • Increase balance function and stability

  • Increase overall activity level and safety

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Dizziness – a sensation of lightheadedness, unsteadiness, or faintness?

  • Vertigo – perception of you or your surroundings moving or spinning ?

  • Imbalance, clumsiness or difficulty walking a straight line?

  • An abnormal sensation of movement, rocking or floating?

  • Difficulty with vision such as when driving or reading?

  • Discomfort in busy environments such as stores, crowds or traffic?

  • Tinnitus – ringing, buzzing or other noises in the ears?

  • Motion sickness or nausea?

  • Headaches?

  • A history of falls, or fear of falling?

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Treatment plans for BPPV

At Balance Physical Therapy, we have physical therapists that are expert in vestibular rehabilitation and balance therapy.  Whether it's just two visits for BPPV, longer treatment for other vestibular loss, or a comprehensive fall prevention program, our therapists develop an individualized treatment plan to alleviate symptoms and restore function that includes exercises at home.  As these are often complicated issues, patient education is paramount throughout the process.

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What kind of vestibular therapy does Balance Physical Therapy offer?

Vestibular rehabilitation is an individualized exercise based program designed to eliminate or reduce disequilibrium (dizziness), and vertigo associated with inner ear disorders. The program consists of a thorough evaluation to make a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and treatments appropriate to your individual diagnosis are performed in the clinic.  Your physical therapist will also work one on one with you to develop a regiment of exercises targeting posture, balance, movement re-education, and compensatory strategies. 

To assist our senior population in independence and safety, Balance Physical Therapy has a multi-faceted fall prevention approach.  This includes eye-head coordination exercises, fall prevention strategies, strength training, sensory and motor balance re-training, and gait and transfer training.  Patients that are limiting their functional mobility due to dizziness or fear of falling are at a greater risk of experiencing a fall so treatment by our therapists can be life-changing.

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