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Meet our care team

All of our therapists at Balance Physical Therapy have many years of experience and advanced training in manual physical therapy; combined we have over 75 years of experience at Balance PT. Our care centers on the basic principals of solid manual therapy, extensive patient education, modern pain science, and your unique home exercise program.  All of our physical therapists combine skilled "hands on" therapy with movement, exercise, and education to create individualized treatment to meet your unique needs. You always work one-on-one with your licensed PT. At Balance PT, you will never be left with an aide or assistant as part of your care.

Drawing upon their large tool box of techniques, our therapists practice myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations in the spine and extremities, muscle energy techniques, strain-counterstrain, cranial sacral methods, and much more. At Balance Physical Therapy, we are proud and privileged to offer a level of service that exceeds your expectations and restores balance to your body. 

Support Team

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