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Your Guide for Insurance & Billing at Balance Physical Therapy

We know that understanding insurance benefits for physical therapy can be confusing. At Balance Physical Therapy we would like to help you with that hassle as much as possible. Our billing office will be happy to help answer any questions you may have

How do insurance payments work for physical therapy?

We send a bill to your insurance company. If you meet all the requirements of your individual insurance plan then your insurance company pays us directly and tells us how much you owe. We then bill you the amount that your insurance company tells us. This is called the "patient responsibility". The portion you will owe depends on your individual insurance plan. Amounts of insurance coverage for physical therapy vary; it is ultimately your responsibility to understand how much your plan covers.

What does meeting my deductible mean?

Every insurance plan has a unique amount that must first be paid by the patient before the insurance company will begin to pay for claims. This amount is usually met each calendar year. You may see a bill from us saying that you owe a certain amount and that it was applied to your deductible.​

What is a Co-Pay?

Some insurance plans have an amount that you must pay at the time of service of each doctor or specialist visit. This amount is due each time you come to physical therapy. Usually your insurance card will have this information on it. Please note, a "co-pay" is different than the "patient responsibility" amount

Contact us if you have insurance & billing questions

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