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Physical Therapy for foot, ankle, orthotics, spained ankle, foot pain, running, marathon

Foot, Ankle & Orthotics

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Aching in your feet and ankles

  • Knee or low back pain especially after being on your feet

  • Numbness in your feet with activity or exercise

  • Excessive wear and tear on your shoes

  • Chronically spraining your ankle(s)

  • Difficulty finding shoes to fit your feet

Physical Therapy Can Help:

  • Evaluate how your foot placement and movement is affecting your ankles, knees, hips, and low back

  • Test specific muscle strength in your feet, ankles, leg, and low back

  • Improve motion in your feet and ankles through hands on techniques and home exercise

  • Guiding you on proper footwear for work, exercise and casual wear that suits your feet

  • Teaching you specific exercises to improve your strength and balance, from your foot to your hips

  • Creating low cost, custom modifications to over the counter orthotics to support the structure of your foot

  • Cast and create custom orthotics


By properly supporting your foot, you help all the other parts of your body line up correctly. Proper evaluation and correction of foot and ankle problems can often greatly improve problems in your knees, hips, and low back. Your therapist will thoroughly evaluate you, including your gait on a treadmill, your current footwear, a full musculoskeletal exam, and if necessary cast for custom orthotics. If needed, we are able to make custom modifications to over-the-counter orthotics in the office.

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